Welcome to Copernicus Meetings

We promote the sciences by organizing conferences and exhibitions worldwide. We provide a wide array of services – abstract/programme management, registration management, and local organization. The personal support of our experienced team complemented by our custom-developed online tools integrates all involved parties in the conference process. We are also your partner in publishing open-access conference proceedings.

Upcoming meetings

Date: 4–6 September 2019
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Date: 9–13 September 2019
Location: Lyngby, Denmark
Date: 15–20 September 2019
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 23–25 September 2019
Location: Miltenberg, Germany
Date: 24–26 September 2019
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: 29 September–2 October 2019
Location: Hanover, Germany
Date: 13–19 October 2019
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Date: 4–8 November 2019
Location: Cracow, Poland
Date: 3–8 May 2020
Location: Vienna, Austria